Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Computer vs Human Being

Computer vs Human Being:-

By seeing the work of computer we thing that the computer is more intelligent then human being but it wrong any computer has a little bit of intelligence like a small worm. Computer is working only based on the given commands. If we make a small work we make commands for that for computer without any commands computer does not works. If the command which we gives to computer is right so only then computer work that work properly. It is a art to give commands for computer for completing any kinds of big task. The procedure of any computer is like a human being.

           Suppose we play ball first we see the ball through out eyes then kick it through our legs or our hands. Same that computer take input signals and then process and then get output. But there is a big difference in human being and computer is that speed, Memory and process. When we complete any task our speed is very slow in the comparison of computer but same task any computer complete a small time. Second big difference is that memory. The memory of human being is loosing according to time spending in days, month and years. But the memory of computer is not destroy according to the time spending years and years. 

          Any works which human being takes hours same that works computer complete its in micro seconds and one more difference in human and computer is that tire. When human body works for any task it tires according to time but computer does not tires according to increasing time. Computer is more fast then human for the process get input make process and gives output but same process in human is less speed.

The present PC (Personal Computer) which we used in our home are not make in one day invention its makes hundreds of years every scientist relating to this field gives his contribution in this generation of computers. Some scientist gives his whole life for make the development or invention in this field. In the present scenario without computer we are nothing. Presentably every fields of life computer gives benefits and advantage for us all the works done accurately and fast. Present situation is that we are nothing without computer for taking an example for calculator a calculator can do addition subtraction multiplication and division of our work in microseconds the drawback of calculator is that we can not store any process data it has no any storing memory but in computer we can store all kinds of data like text, video or audio forms.